Thursday, June 21, 2007

6.13.07 meetin' minutes

Last week we gathered on a Sunday morning, a new leaf for Chaz, Toby, Rob, Catherine, Shayne, Rebekah and I. Morning meetings, while less energetic, have proven more productive than late night rendevouz at the space or quick one hour check in lunch meetings at Chaz's record store. We've been trying to carve out a time that we can all meet together in the same space biweekly, and it looks like Saturday mornings at 10 in the a.m. has been agreed upon. We'll still be using the listserv, having online meetings and and talking about BCHQ on most of our off time, but at least we have this finite time that we can schedule around.

That said, last meeting we discussed the imminent need for volunteers. We're looking at applications, finding volunteer coordinators and trying to let go a little of the space that has become something so much larger than just our brainchild. It's actually becoming part of the different communities that it was built to serve. And while we need more time to get the volunteer program up and running; we're really exciting to bring new people and new ideas into BCHQ.

We're also trying to get up to code with inspections, trying to show the first round of the democratic debates at the space (hosted by us and Lenora, an amazing woman that works with programming in the community around BCHQ), working on movie nights, queer youth nights and DIY nights, and looking forward to another workshop hosted by the bike co-op if everything works out!

Calendars are available online and at the space (Thanks Rebekah!).

We'll keep you updated about the next meeting, which is this upcoming Tuesday! (Um. The Saturday morning "set in stone" dates start in about 2 weeks).